Slava snow show

It is a show unlike anything you have ever seen before – a world of wonder, in which a bed becomes a boat, a web of cotton envelops the audience and one tiny piece of paper becomes a snowstorm that will, quite literally …. BLOW YOU AWAY. Slava’s Snowshow is a stunning spectacle of beautifully crafted theatrical clowning, combining the unbridled silliness of slapstick with visual extravagance and beauty, all of which has established SLAVA as a creative genius of international acclaim. We were lucky enough to meet Slava in his extraordinary theatrical studios just outside Paris.

The multi award winning international clown show, Slava’s Snowshow has delighted and thrilled audiences in over 80 cities around the globe including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Ro

me, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow.

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